Gone worldseeing 2

Welcome to Russia

May 2 2018 - May 6 2018
Ukraine, Russia
1757 km

In the morning, we cycled the last 35 km to the russian border. Border procedures were easy, and the border guards were nice. One of them was a bit suspicious of our Iran visa, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem in the end.

The first town after the border, Sevsk:

Camping next to a gigantic field:

Some impressions from the road:

Camping at a gas station. They even had a quite luxurious shower!

Our watchdog for the night:


More impressions from the road:

Huge fishing pond:

Superb camp spot right below the highway:

Hundreds of ant hills:

This is going to be interesting:

From here on, the road turned into a real two lane highway, with a big shoulder at the side, so cycling became very relaxed:

View from the bridge:

At the first toll collection point, they had no idea how to handle the bicycles. In the end, they let us through and we had to pay the fee for one motorcycle: about one Euro:

This was the first day we didn’t have perfect weather. After a few hours of rain, we got pretty wet:

After 30 km, we found a bus stop where we could hide from the rain, put on some new clothes, and cook some noodle soup:

When we reached Obninsk, we met the second cycle tourist of our tour: Alexej. He just came back from a tour through Russia and was on his way home: