Gone worldseeing 2

The Trans-siberian Railway

May 13 2018 - May 17 2018
1788 km

Over the course of four days, we travelled over 5000 km by train, through Europe and Asia, from Moscow to Irkutsk.

Packing our things late at night in Moscow:

Waking up to nice views in the morning:

Our home for the next days:

There was no mobile reception for long parts of the journey, so we made sure to use the internet whenever we came close to a town:

Our third class compartment with space for almost 60 people:

And the most important thing: Our trusty water boiler! At the end of every compartment there is always hot water for tea and instant noodles:

The train stops for up to 45 minutes in bigger cities. Lots of time to stock up on instant noodles, fruit and water. Sometimes, although strictly forbidden of course, we even smuggled some beer into the train. At some stations there were also people selling delicious homemade food, like smoked fish and various fried goodies.

Watching the sunset:

Many more impressions from the journey:

Arrival in Irkutsk: We made it!

The train ride was a very nice experience. The views are really beautiful almost all the time, we made new friends, and had some long, interesting conversations via translate application and a funny mix of basic Russian, English and even some German.