Gone worldseeing 2

Shanxi to Shaanxi

Jul 5 2018 - Jul 10 2018
3587 km

Early in the morning, we left Pingyao in direction of Xi’an, the capital of the Shaanxi region.

After a few kilometers on the highway, we met Yang. He is cycling from his hometown Harbin to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

We were going in the same direction, so we started cycling together.

This tunnel was closed for cars, but not for us!

Ahh, a nice, cold, shortcut through a tunnel with no traffic. Refreshing!

Some impressions from the road:

Finding a hotel for the night:

Ramen noodles for dinner:

Fixing Yangs tire with the help of the hotel owner in the morning:

Steaming dumplings for breakfast:

Arriving in Linfen:

Our hotel was one of the last standing buildings in an area in the city center that was being demolished to make room for new skyscrapers:

We took a day off in Linfen, to watch Belgium play in the middle of the night. Yang left one day earlier.

Football snacks: Lychees, marinated roasted beans and fresh peanuts.

Fresh peanuts up close:

Linfen city:

Early morning on the main square:

Moving on:

The region we cycled through was heavily polluted by traffic and coal mining. Every evening, we were completely covered in black dust.

Awesome street food:

Communist art:

The surroundings were sometimes a little bit greener with some agriculture, but the smog never disappeared:

More impressions from the road:

Gigantic plate of pork meat and potatoes with sichuan pepper. This was before they brought the huge bowl of noodles that comes with it:

Fixing a flat tire in the rain:

The puncture wasn’t too hard to find:

Amazing small road leading to the Yellow River:

At the Yellow River:

Crossing the Yellow River:

The road on the other side of the river was also very nice:

We stopped at this government building, to ask if we could camp in front of it, when suddenly, Yang came running out of the building waving at us to come in! He had already put his tent in the second floor, and told us to do the same. It was perfect to have running water and be able to dry our clothes after a very rainy day.

Cooking outside:

Our home for the night in the second floor:

View of the surroundings:

Cycling monument:


Having a break in a small park near the road:

Cycling into Weinan: