Gone worldseeing 2


Jul 11 2018 - Jul 16 2018
3644 km

We made it to Xi’an, the endpoint of the ancient Silk Road!

We stayed in Xi’an for six nights to walk around the city, try some new food and watch the world cup finals.

Cycling into the city:

Xi’an by night:

The muslim quarter:

Watching the world cup in the rooftop bar of our hotel:

They love latin letters on Chinese fashion. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. It’s probably exactly the same with Chinese letters on western fashion. Here are some nice examples:

Barbecue for dinner:

Dragonfruit and mini mangoes:

Insanely good spinach noodles:

Noodle making process:

Xi’an by day:

Yolo Hip-Hop booze:

Losing weight:

Fixing holes in our tent: