Gone worldseeing 2


Jul 31 2018 - Aug 6 2018
4478 km

On July 31st we cycled the last 130km to Chengdu.

Road block on the way:

This guy had great melons for sale:

In the afternoon, we met two other cyclists on their way to Lhasa. We cycled together for the rest of the day:

In Chengdu, we spent most of our time hanging out in the beautiful garden of our hostel, eating great food, and watching GSL:

Some random Chengdu impressions:

Police bicycle:

Sextoy vending machine:


Juice packaging:

We spent one afternoon walking down Chunxi road, to take a picture of the giant Mao statue.

It’s all fancy skyscrapers and expensive malls there:

And here’s Mao himself:

The food was once again absolutely great:

We found a Carrefour in a big mall, and we actually got some luxuriously priced baguette with butter and cheese!

On our last night in Chengdu, we celebrated Beates birthday with many new friends. We went out for the famous Sichuan Hotpot:

And we had genuine imported Bitburger! Happy Birthday!