Gone worldseeing 2

Sichuan to Yunnan

Aug 7 2018 - Aug 12 2018
4941 km

From Chengdu, we made our way out of the Sichuan region, into the beautiful mountains of Yunnan.

Dog sculptures. It’s the year of the dog after all!

The vegetation gets more and more of a jungle feel:

Jiajiang, our first stop:

Tourist boats, going to the famous giant stone Buddha of Leshan:


Great Sichuan food. Very spicy!

After a long search for a hotel that is able to accomodate foreigners in Qianwei, we found this place, with a big swimming pool. Very refreshing, time for a rest day!

The next day, we cycled through beautiful bamboo forests all day:

Corn drying:

More corn drying:

Another landslide. This time the road was still mostly intact, so we could easily lift our bicycles over the debris:

Lychee trees:

Drying noodles:

Posing with the cool kids:

Waiting for the rain to pass:

After 30km we had to stop cycling. There was a big landslide and the road was closed, so we had to take a day off in the small town Guixi:

On the next morning, the landslide was cleaned up, and we could continue:

Beef noodles, once again:

What could be better to finish off a very hard 120km day, than a nice, bumpy cobblestone road?