Gone worldseeing 2


Apr 23 2018 - Apr 26 2018
991 km

After 25 km of cycling, we reached Kiev. We decided to stay four days, because we still had plenty of time until our russian visa starts.

Arriving in Kiev:

Remembering the Euro 2012 Championship:

Exploring the city:

Kiev has a lot of these murals, painted by artists from all over the world:

Saint Andrew’s church:

We found the children’s landscape park in Peizazhna Alley, which has some beautiful mosaic sculptures:

A lot more art throughout the city:

Also, cats…



…and space invaders!

Saint Sophia Cathedral:

Independance square. We got an eerie feeling walking around here, reading the memorial plates, remembering what happened here just 4 years ago.

Walking down Khreshchatyk street:

Having some Kyivska Perepichka, a kind of deep fried hot dog:

Kiev University:

Chess players in the University park:

The Computer Software Museum. They had some amazing old hardware on display!

Arsenalna subway station, with 105.5m the deepest subway station in the world!

Riding the subway in Kiev is an experience by itself, many stations and the labyrinth of tunnels you have to walk through look absolutely amazing:

On our last day in Kiev, we went to explore the islands in the Dnieper river and relax a little at the beach!

Soviet era outdoor gym, made from world war 2 tank parts:

Some of the more remote beaches:

The islands are huge with hidden sports facilities everywhere:

Skyscrapers on the other side of the river: