Gone worldseeing 2

Heading to the russian border

Apr 27 2018 - May 1 2018
1291 km

Leaving Kiev in dense city traffic:

Off the main highways, the road quality is sometimes mediocre:

Cycling along the highway in perfect summer weather:

This group of hunters invited us to delicious soup with grilled wild boar, when we stopped at a rest area:

More highway cycling:

Camping at a fishing pond next to a gas station:

Think big: Ukrainian agriculture:

Another nice rest area:

Some nature shots:

Entering Sumy oblast:

This could be such a nice place, if people wouldn’t leave all their trash behind…

During the least two days, the road got more and more hilly:

On April 30th we arrived in Hlukhiv, 35 km from the russian border. We had one more day left before our visa starts, so we went to explore the town.

The market:

Albeit being quite small, Hlukhiv has a surprising number of nice little parks:

It also has an old water tower, which you can climb to get a nice view of the town:

There is also a lake, and a beautiful river where we relaxed in the afternoon: