Gone worldseeing 2

The Baikal Highway

May 22 2018 - May 25 2018
2083 km

After many days of riding by train, it was finally time to cycle again!

On our way out of Baikalsk, we could see the old paper mill:

Impressions from the road:

These very nice people invited us to tea and delicious homemade food at the side of the road:

Entering Buryatia, the last region on our way to Mongolia:

More impressions from the road:

We stayed one night in this interesting place in a very small village, run by a lovely family:

It was located directly at the lake:

Stopping in a small village to buy some food:

The first prayer flags on our way. The main religion of the Buryat people is Tibetan Bhuddism:

After a few cold days with snow at the Baikal lake, the climate gradually changed. Just 100km further everything was green and the weather was warm and sunny:

The first Bhuddist temple:

On our last two days on the highway, we stayed at Olga and Moritz’ place. They are currently building a campsite just 10km outside of Ulan-Ude. It is a very beautiful area, and we are sure it will be an amazing place once it is finished. Before we left, we had breakfast with Olga and her two sons Timor and Adilon with delicious homemade bread!

Exploring the woods in the area: