Gone worldseeing 2

The road to Mongolia

May 29 2018 - May 31 2018
Russia, Mongolia
2356 km

When we left Ulan-Ude, we had less than three days until our Russian visa expires. It was going to be very close…

Construction sites and dusty roads further slowed us down:

Hello Mr. potato!

What a view! We found our campspot for the night:

The view from our tent in the morning:

As our time was running out, we hitched a ride for 40km in the back of an old pickup truck, together with a live sheep and 10 bags of potatos:

Later we met two chinese cyclists, going in the opposite direction:

Relaxing at a shrine:

After two pretty rough days, we made it to Mongolia! We were not allowed to cycle across the border, but the woman in the car in front of us just opened her trunk like it was the most normal thing in the world. We put our bikes inside and crossed the border with her in the car.

The first town in Mongolia, Altanbulag:

Entering the Mongolian steppe:

On our first night in Mongolia, we stayed in a crappy hotel in the small town Sukhbaataar:

Preparations for childrens day on the main square: