Gone worldseeing 2

Cycling to the Vietnamese border

Aug 24 2018 - Aug 28 2018
5737 km

Just a few more mountains before we reach the border to Vietnam. It has been a long ride through China, and it will take us some time to reflect on all of it.

Large scale agriculture:

Mountain goats:

Beautiful valleys:

Arriving in Dajie:

Dajie was a really nice little town with lots of street food, and many fashion stores:

Another cigarette game:

Dajie by night:

We spent two nights in Jianshui, a small city with another so called old town:

Yunnan tiger:

City impressions:

Building more old town:

Typical Yunnan rice noodles, served in a large bowl with a lot of broth:

The last mountain pass!

Next was a looong descent through bamboo forests:

Arriving at the lowest point, from about 2000m altitude to about 200m, it was very very hot in the middle of the day. So when we arrived in the next town, Nansha, we checked into a hotel with air conditioning and called it a day.

Nansha by night:

The next day had some spectacular river views:

Huge banana plantations:

Fish farms:

The water is clearing up: