Gone worldseeing 2

The Mekong Delta

Oct 27 2018 - Nov 1 2018
Vietnam, Cambodia
8337 km

From Ho Chi Minh City, we went south, into the Mekong Delta!

Coffee break!

Bánh mì heo quay:

Genuine pig head:

First view of the mighty Mekong river:

The first river island had lots of banana trees:

Coffee break:

One of the many small branches of the Mekong river:

Ferry crossing:

One more ice tea before the second ferry crossing:

We spent two nights in the nice little town Vĩnh Long.

Bò né:

Walking around town:

Night market:

Cần Thơ:

Coffee break:

Riverside cycling:

Bánh xèo:

We made it to Cambodia! Cheers!